Welcome to Mind2Chart Productivity Suite!

    As a mindmapping enthusiasts, we share the vision that mindmapping techniques let you plan and organize work more efficiently.

    Thus, we have created a product line of add-ins for world-leading mindmapping applications - Mindjet MindManager and Visual Mind. Our products extends it's functionality, allowing to do more in a most intuitive and simple way - whether you need to manage timelines for personal or business projects, create an impressive presentation, dashboard or collaborate with your colleagues abroad. Give it a try once and soon you'll find that it's difficult to work without!

Mind2Chart Add-in
   is a project management extension natively integrated in the interface of your favorite mindmapping application. Versions for MindManager 7-8 and VisualMind 11 are available.

Outlook EasyTask Add-in
Outlook task management extension that allows to manage Outlook Tasks in a form of mindmap. Versions for MindManager 7-8 and 9, VisualMind 11 are available.

MS Project Adapter
     add-in for MindManager that enables user to work with Project files in MS Project XML format without having MS Project installed. Supports MindManager 7 and 8.

MindMap Navigator
   add-in for MindManager that adds a side panel with hierarchical view of all maps user works with. MindManager 7-8, 9-2012 are supported.

MasterMap Linker
   add-in for MindManager that allows to update topic that has link to another   topic from the same or another map, with information stored in a linked topic. MindManager 7-8, 9-2012 are supported.

Google Desktop Search Plug-in FREE
    Allows you to search within the .mmap files with Google Desktop search engine and open search results directly from the browser.